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Bortoletti, Glass Ink Dip Pen

The Bortoletti pen comprises of two pieces. The nib which is made of glass, the tip of which is extremely thin, I have had the pen for over a month now and haven't damaged it yet but feel this is probably a matter of time.  The good new is the nib detaches from the handle and can be replaced.  The handle is also made of glass twisted into a spiral, a good length, feels quite heavy but well balanced and easy to hold. The end of the handle is bound by an ornate metal ferrule which houses the nib.  Although the nib did feel a little loose when sat in the ferrule. This pen looks spectacular. 


Using the ink dip pen came as a real shock to me. I was expecting a pen that would draw very regular thin lines with no potential to vary the thickness of the stroke. I could not have been more wrong.  I dipped the pen into the bottle of  ink that came with the pen and put the nib to paper. Then came the battle. Nothing, The ink refused to leave the nib!! I spend a good five minutes scribbling trying to make a mark, continually dipping the pen in the ink and applying to paper but with no avail. Eventually by holding the pen at a fairly shallow angle I managed to make a mark, but the ink soon dried up and I had to continually dip the pen, I was also frustrated with the ocassional 'splodge' of ink. My first drawing continued like this drawing anything but an even line (see Video 1).  My second drawing went much better. (video 2) I had identified the best angle to hold the pen and managed a very respectable drawing I discovered by changing the angle of the pen slightly I could vary the thickness of the line.  I developed a love hate relationship with this pen and eventually came to love it and the marks it made. It feels very organic to use and I really enjoy the challenge it brings. I image no two people will gain the same experience.  This is the first pen I have ever used that came with a learning curve, but felt I have a glimpse to the past whenever I use it.

I highly recommend this quirky pen for any one that wants to make an individual mark.

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Faber Castell Ambition Fountain Pen

The Faber Castell Ambition Fountain Pen was bought for me as a gift and came inscribed, so that's an option. From the off I want to say that this is an expensive pen for the average person looking for a drawing implement. Having said that it draws exceptionally well. Full disclosure here. This is the first fountain pen I have used since I was at school, however I have used many Lining Pens, for Example, Copic Multi Liner, Faber Castell Pitt artist pen, Rotring Rapidograph and even Sharpies and these are what I am making my comparisons against.

The pen is a reasonable weight and feels comfy in the hand.  I don't have particularly large hands but felt I needed the cap seated on the pen to give it that bit of extra length, although I do sketch loosely and hold the pen about one third away from the nib.  The pen is supplied with a single cartridge to get you going although I didn't find it straight away as it was tucked away inside the barrel of the pen.


Cartridges are a definite option but I purchased a Faber Castell ink reservoir and a bottle of ink. I now have a pen that is just about as ecco friendly as you can get. No plastic waste! this has to be a good thing.

Using the pen was an absolute delight. It drew with an even line, I was say equivalent to about a  0.7 lining pen, but to my surprise if I turned the pen so the nib was upside down I could draw with a line equivalent to about a  0.3 lining pen. Two pens for the price of one.  This pen drew flawlessly throughout without any splodges or unexpected marks and would in my opinion be a match for any lining pen in a sketching situation.  It is an expensive pen, but if looked after should last many years and is cheap to refill.

I highly recommend this the Faber Castell Ambition as an excellent drawing tool that could replace your Ink Lining Pens.

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