"A fun challenge I set myself "

This project came about after a long discussion of art the masters and art styles.  I decided I wanted to explore different styles and types of art, this is the result.

The landlord, in the style of Rembrandt

In the style of....Rembrandt

In the style of....Van Gogh

Along the Canal, in the style of Van Gogh

In the style of....Cezanne

Buddah garden, in the style of Cezanne
Frances in the style of Gustav Klimt

In the style of....Gustav Klimt

In the style of....Camille Pissarro

Elvaston Castle in the style of Camille Pissarro
Summer Garden, in the style of Rachel Ruysch

In the style of....Rachel Ruysch

'Have I got a story to tell you',  in te style of John Singer Sargent

In the style of....John Singer Sargent

In the style of....Renoir

The Book Cafe, in the style of Renoir
Dancing in the Potters, in the style ofPablo Picasso

In the style of....Pablo Picasso

The New Inn by the canal, in the style of Joseph Turner

In the style of....Joseph Turner