I've found a digital solution for my sketchbook

"Paper by 53"

Introduction - I discuss in detail why I chose Paper by 53 and compare a traditional and digital sketch

04 - Drawing Sheep - I share my tips on drawing any animal that won't pose

07 - Street Scene - I use the watercolour brush and pencil to produce a watercdolour pencil sketch of a busy street scene

As I moved into digital painting I wanted a digital solution for my sketchbook.  I needed something so I could take my Ipad pro and apple pencil out on sketching trips.  I wasn't looking for anything too complicated.  I didn't want to have to think about layers, brush sizes, blending modes, that was for the studio. I wanted something that I could open and start drawing straight way without the technology getting in the way.  I tried a few apps and finally settled on Paper by 53.  Below are a few of my favourite sketches.

All these sketches were drawn on an Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil.  If you are considering purchasing an Ipad Pro or Apple pencil and would like to support my website and Youtube channel you can purchase them here by clicking on my affiliate links.

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