Various products I have made available as a free download

'Introducing Joseph Wright'

This high resolution digital print is available as a free download to celebrate my youtube channel reaching 3000 subscribers.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me on Youtube


 Free download from Gumroad

Resource pack for 'How to Paint Rocks'

This resource pack is intended for use with the 'How to paint Rock - Procreate watercolour'

Note - Video will be available from, 10:00am (GMT), Sunday, 27th January 2019

See the video


 Free download from Gumroad

Custom Acrylic brush for Art Studio Pro on the Ipad

A single custom brush that can produce 'wet in wet skies, wispy foliage and fine detail.  Available for ArtStudio Pro on the Ipad 

Acrylic Brush


 Free download from Gumroad

Custom Watercolour Brushes for Art Studio Pro for the Ipad

A set of FOUR custom watercolour brushes for ArtStudio Pro for the Ipad including

Watercolour wash brush

Round Brush

Flat Brush


 Free download from Gumroad

This set of 13 brushes has been designed by me, a traditional watercolour painter to produce stunning, realistic wet in wet watercolours in the art app. Procreate 4.1.  All the brushes are contained in a brush category called SEA Watercolour, so they can be easily installed as group, keeping them easily identifiable for ease of use.

The paper is an improved texture of my original, high resolution scan of a high end brand of hot pressed watercolour paper, to add that finishing touch to your painting. Simply, place the texture on the top of your layer stack and set the blend mode to multiply.

 Free download from Gumroad

Golden Ratio Templates

A set of 10 transparent *.png templates of the Golden Ratio that can be imported into any digital art application, or printed out to help designers/artists with layout and composition. There are 5 black and 5 white templates, raging from simple to complex.

 Free download from Gumroad

Custom Colour Palettes for

Procreate 4

A collection of colour palettes to use in Procreate.  Each of these palettes was created for my video series 'Painting in the Style of'. Each palette is based on works by an individual artist such as, Camille Pissarro, Cézanne, John Singer Sargent, Gustav Klimt, Rachel Ruysch, Rembrand, Renoir and Joseph Turner.

 Free download from Gumroad

Custom Oil Blending Brushes for Procreate 4

Three Custom oil blending brushes for Procreate 4.  The example image was painted solely with my new custom brushes.

 Free download from Gumroad

Walking in Elvaston Castle

This print has been made available to celebrate me reaching 1000 subscribers on Youtube. This is an high resolution print 445.5mmm x 297mm x 300dpi which can be printed to A3 Size. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting me on Youtube.

 Free download from Gumroad

Watercolor pack for Procreate 4

This pack contains TWO brushes and TWO textures to help produce more realistic watercolours in Procreate 4

 Free download from Gumroad
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