Painting in Artrage

Artrage on the PC

At this point in time, the only app I use on the PC for finished artwork is Artrage.  As a traditional painter I love the tools available for realistic sketching, in pencil, charcoal and pastel and painting in watercolours, oils and pastels. It's like having an 'art bin' in my PC with all my favourite brushes, palette knives and paints to dip into.

I'm also a featured artist on the Artrage website. You can read my full interview here.

2 x 15 pointillism, brushes for Artrage 6

Available as a FREE download for a limited period only!


Get my set of 30 custom pointillism brushes for Artrage 6. Everything is in this set to enable you to paint realistic pointillism paintings with brushes to cover large areas of the canvas to fine detail. Apply paint with analogous, monochromatic or tonal dots to your canvas.


Download as individual brushes or two zip files.

 Free download from Gumroad

10 custom, thick oil, brushes for Artrage 6

Get my set of 10 custom thick oil brushes for Artrage 6. These brushes allow you to get really, really thick paint onto your digital canvas or apply a thin wash of dirty turps to add interest and texture. Download as individual brushes or in a zip file.


 Free download from Gumroad

Purchase through my Affilate programme

Purchase Artrage 5 - Windows and Mac OS X


Glazing and Blend modes

Watercolour painting capturing the early morning light on a busy street in Birmingham. Speed painting with voice over.

Thick Paint on the Ipad

'Give me a vegan coffee in a zero waste cup please', a demonstration using tubes of paint and palette knives to create a thick paint effect on the ipad. Also includes using Artrage scripts to enlarge the finished painting.

Purchase through my Affilate programme

Purchase Artrage 5 - Windows and Mac OS X
Digital Painting - Colour Palette

How to sample colours from other paintings to create your own custom colour palettes

More tutorials coming soon

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